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Looking Into Sports Betting History

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    It is a common belief that gambling and other betting sports started in the US. This is however not true. The various gambling games that are common in the US have got their origins elsewhere only that they have gained vast popularity in the US. The sports betting history has its origin back in various parts of the world hundreds of years ago when it was invented.

    Some research indicate that during the ancient times, the sports betting had a vast popularity in Egypt due to the use of dices used in determining the outcomes of the games found in some of the pyramids of Egypt. This is a clear indication that gambling started earlier in the days at this place. Horse racing is also associated with a number of gambling games since the early time.

    Flourishing empires of the ancient times were associated with a variety of casinos set up to help in gambling. Scrutiny into the bible also indicates the casting of lots for Jesus Christ to be crucified. With this evidence it is clear that the origin and history of the betting sports started back in the days and still upheld to date.

    In Europe, the sports betting history originates back over 1000 years ago where monarchs used the games to generate money for the royal purposes. With this, the present casinos and gambling games were unfolded at the start of the 19th century.

    On the other hand sports betting history in the US can be traced back to the very start of the various sports activities in the country. Since the beginning, native Americans are known to be involved in various sports activities such as cockfight and others. With such games, predictions were the order of the day. This led to the start of betting for the outcomes of the various games such as horse racing.

    The incoming English colonizers influenced the gambling sport a great deal as they handled gambling like any other normal game more especially when other games were being played. With further innovations, more sports betting were introduced that sooner took centre stage in the gaming industry. These innovations finally turned out to be a million dollar industry for many inhabitants of the US together with other parts of the world.

    Sports betting history has no clear cut elaboration since the gambling broke out in various parts of the world in a different way finally resulting into a common gambling industry known today. Each gambling game has its origin separately but finally grew into a global view. With the various lottery games, the gamblers are just trying to make more money through gazes that might turn out to be true. Many of the games do not use clear cut rules that will determine the outcome. Intellectual ability may not as well determine the outcome; but a matter of hope and good luck!

    The history of using odds to determine the outcome of a contest are long gone and replaced with real games that use the same strategies to win a certain prize. With luck by your side, the jackpot is yours!